An 9001:2008 Certified Organisation

Taxation of Foreign Individuals

We always strive to keep you updated in the Statutory compliances to be met according to the regulations applicable on the entity. You need not take out a separate time on that, we are always here to see that compliance part remains easy for the managers, while we offer an audit of the same also. Specially for certain type of entities that are engaged in activities that are under control of a regulatory body, should always try to meet all compliances as prescribed in that regulation to avoid the risk. Thus in an such type of entities it is compulsory to identify, manage, and control regulatory risks.

Broadly covered areas:

  • Assessment of regulations applicable
  • Risk estimation and reporting
  • Checking all applicable compliances for each such regulation
  • Finding end solutions to assure that compliances are met
  • Updating about new regulations
  • Keeping compliance cost low by avoiding prescribed penalties
  • Complying with regulations on financial statements
  • Staff education and training about applicable compliances
  • Advising incase of regulatory enforcement actions.

Business Sustainability reporting:

From the view point of owners of the business, there is a big importance of knowing about sustainability of their business. We help you having good shareholders value by providing actual sustainability report.

Our areas in this field:

  • Assessment of management systems
  • Data processing and compiling
  • Audit of information to be publicized for the said corporate responsibility report or sustainability report
  • Writing and managing framework for sustainability reporting
  • Non Financial reports
  • Benchmarking of Key Performance Indicators
  • Audit of Structure of Governance and risk management processes
  • Assessment of environmental health and safety.
  • Judging ethical risks and environmental levels.
  • Prescribing steps for a better sustenance
  • Assessing internal audit programme.