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Transfer Pricing

With globalization of business and cross border transactions increasing day by day, tax reforms have taken place. If the taxation matters are not handled in an effective manner, that can toll the continuous working of any international organization. Today, India has a double taxation avoidance agreement with a number of countries. Many a countries have established their offices in India. For cross border transactions between the associated companies, there needs to have a clear legislation about arm’s length price, which is called transfer pricing. Now what’s Arms’ Length Price- when two or more enterprises which are associated and get into transactions of profit, service or facility, then there is a need of some solid base of costing to exist. Such a price of services or facility should be as will not impact tax revenue etc. of the country. Thus Transfer Pricing, which is an international compliance with individual country norms, is of high importance. But being very technical in nature, a person with professional and specialized skills only can analyze Transfer Pricing legislations.

Day and on Government is making Transfer Pricing laws more and more complicated and litigation pro. In this scenario you always need an expert and professional help.

We help you by preparing Transfer Pricing Study and Transfer Pricing Audit Report. Our expert team on this will do all fact finding exercise with the help of software and provide you with hassle free end reports.