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Corporate Reporting

This is the era of information and businesses run on informed decisions. One can think as to how tough it is to make decisions based on reports which are not complete, compact and effective.

We understand the importance of quality and on-time reporting of your business. Quality reporting is blood and breath for any business to take proper decisions. Our dedicated and professionally trained team takes care of each small information and converts that into quality reporting, for use of management.

Not just for internal circulations, reporting is a valuable mechanism for business to exhibit business propositions before shareholders and potential investors. Not only it infuses the confidence, it also brings vision and transparency for users – be it old or new. For the sake of the ever challenging market and to post a business-friendly as well as user-friendly environment for companies. Indian laws keep evolving in a view to improvise corporate governance and compliance like in corporate, and for the sake of ease of doing business in India.

Basically corporate reporting in India depends upon few factors like:

  • The nature of business activity (like as manufacturing or trading or the services)
  • The type of business organization like a Private Limited Company or a Public Limited Company
  • State wherein you are running your business like in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat etc. have additional reporting requirements
  • The nature of business Industry (like Food, Banks, Energy, Insurance etc.)
  • Tax and corporate laws applicable

We believe that any report, in order to be good, MUST have these characteristics: information and user friendly.

Following are the reports that we can help you with:

  • Consolidation of FS
  • MIS
  • Business Sustainability Report
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Report

We provide MIS solutions containing monthly reports on profitability as well as on broad view of financial status of the entity, using which impactful decisions can be made for use of various levels of the management.

In the area of MIS we help you in below manners:

  • Assessing current reporting requirement and environment.
  • Assessing disclosure requirement applicable.
  • Advising on formats for various reporting types- like external and internal reporting.
  • Assisting on formulation of disclosure policies.
  • Advising on confidentiality of non-financial information.
  • Advising on statutory committees etc.
  • Planning & Drafting of MIS.