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Marketing Communications Audit

Marcom Audit or Marketing Communications Audit is a different and new area in auditing. However not required by any statute, it ensures that each penny spent in marketing is accounted for in terms of real efforts. One may come across a situation when even huge budgets and spends in marketing are not able to attract customers, loopholes may lie in management of campaigns or even be technical like place of displaying or keywords.

Marketing is the prime version of Standing out loud. By comparing what are the actual requirements, we can select our audience and in a phased manner, can effectively improve our marketing to have peak sales. Comparison of what your competitor is doing, and you are not, you can always improve.

Marcom Audit cuts the gap between what needs to be done with what is being done. Certain points that need critical attention while jotting a Marcom Policy:

  • Drafting a Public Relations Policy, more professional is more fruitful. It can be a charter of what all methods will be used or adopted in marketing the products or services.
  • If we talk about today’s world of clicks, e-marketing counts a lot. Even Optimization can speedily increase the traffic to a good level. Strategies like search Engine Optimization etc. are important and if merged with social networking promotions, it will be really a good mix.
  • There should always be an independent check on the marketing expense and whether the same is visible in the market. Many a times entity’s give contracts to marketing agencies and think that they can rest assured that their funds are being used in the manner they thought. Tracking of what marketing agencies suggested to you and what is actual display of your ad can be two different things.
  • Finding correct places to market is another important aspect in marketing which can be premium spaces for placing advertisements, so that it attracts large crowds
  • Combinations of various strategies like adwords (pay per click), SEO, Out of House marketing forms like placing hoardings etc. can fruitfully result to a better sales graphs. But all these need to be audited as well to find out if there can be even a better mix which can help attain goal.

What we do for you in this:

  • Writing an effective Public Relations Charter.
  • Advising best keywords.
  • Checking by visiting places where marketing is actually being done, like physical count of displays, surprise visits at places where hoardings are displayed etc.
  • Help you in analyzing what your competitor is doing and how
  • Search option improvements.
  • Feedback maintenance.