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Registration of Limited Liability Partnership

A normal Partnership Firm has to bear unlimited liability whereas the latest version 'Limited Liability Partnership' or LLP enjoys a liability limited to its assets. Businessmen going for a more organized form, are heading for this fast popularity gaining association. It is registered with Registrar of Companies, has proper filings access able to all on request and payment to ROC. We help you in formation right from name approval to getting the company registered. You enjoy a better status in terms that it is a recognized form of organization globally, but the compliance cost are a bit high. In terms of taxes, the same rate of tax is applicable on companies, LLP and partnership firms.

Below are benefits of LLP

  • Very famous globally as already known in many other countries
  • Easy to form, even the process is simpler when compared to incorporation of Private Limited companies
  • It has its own perpetual existence, it is different from its owners
  • Ownership is easy to transfer
  • It has liability limited to its assets, Designated Partner’s assets are not at risk.
  • Audit is required only if partner’s contribution or turnover exceeds a certain limit.

Below are benefits of LLP

  • Obtaining Designated Partner’s Identification Number and their Digital Signature Certificates
  • Checking name availability
  • Assisting in drafting LLP Agreement
  • Uploading incorporation documents
  • Obtaining certificate of incorporation

Once the registration is done, you can start your business. To further help you, we also provide a monthly package accounting system designed especially for small and medium sized business at very compelling prices and facilitating a designated contact person and monthly visits and reporting. This enables you cut the cost since separate full time accountants are not required to be hired and also the compliances and reports are updated for a bird’s eye glance.