An 9001:2008 Certified Organisation

Registration of Partnership Firms in India

Here at least two individuals own the business, in a particular ratio. They also share profits and losses in this ratio. This is also a simple form of organization. Partnership Act governs this form of business. Partnership Deed and registration of the same is necessary. We can help you in drafting and registering the Partnership deed as well as getting registered with Authorities like VAT and Service Tax. With opening of bank account, you can start the business.

How we help you:

  • Advising on choice of formation and suggesting the best suitable form of organization, especially with start-ups.
  • Getting necessary registrations with required Authorities such as VAT (for trading firms), Service Tax (for service industries) and Excise (for the Manufacturing concerns)
  • Securing business name and logo by registering with Trade Mark and Service Mark authorities
  • Assistance in opening Current Account in bank
  • Advising on necessary compliances after registrations

Once the registration is done, you can start your business. To further help you, we also provide a monthly package accounting system designed especially for small and medium sized business at very compelling prices and facilitating a designated contact person and monthly visits and reporting. This enables you cut the cost since separate full time accountants are not required to be hired and also the compliances and reports are updated for a bird’s eye glance.